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12/8/2007     We are currently listed as a "top friend" on "Compassion International's" myspace page.  Please check them out and request to be their friend too! www.myspace.com/compassion  

11/20/2007     The band is excited to report that our song,"Greatest Gift" is currently being promoted to US Christian radio.  Please contact your favorite station and request it.

11/1/2007      Three Days Wait has partnered with the children's sponsorship organization, "Compassion International."  Starting this Christmas season, a significant portion of profits from our digital music sales are going to help support the important assistance they provide to impoverished children.  

2/5/2007......It has been rumored that if enough people from an individual school all play our song, “Snow Day” at the same time, enough snow could fall to cause a real “snow day.” While we would like to think that our song is that powerful, that probably won’t happen. But then, if it’s accompanied by prayer, who knows?.........TDW

11/6/2006     Our song, "Greatest Gift" was placed on the chart at indieheaven.com and it's already moved up several spots.  Help us make it #1.  Follow this link to indieheaven.com and click on the radio tower.  Find "Greatest Gift" on the player and rate it 5 Stars.  You can vote once each 24 hour period, so vote everyday and tell your friends to do the same.   

8/27/2006     Christmasreviews.com says, “Star of Bethlehem, the new CD by Three Days Wait, has a lot going for it, not the least of which is that this is almost entirely new material. Sure, they occasionally riff on an existing carol, but only within the context of a new song. For example, Glimpse of Heaven--an infectious little country rock number, and one of my favorites on the CD-- encapsulates a bit of Silent Night. (This is one of the most original approaches I've seen for paying homage to this ubiquitous holiday ornament, without actually playing the thing.)”.  Check out the entire review at http://christmasreviews.com/wthreedayswait.shtml.

7/12/2006     Three Days Wait is very excited to announce that we will be opening for 60's folk music icon and best selling Christian artist Barry McGuire at the Barry McGuire Concert & Cruise-In.  The event is being held September 10th, 2006 at the Powell Center in Powell, OH.  Click here for more information on this event. 

5/10/2006    “Star of Bethlehem” is now available to order in over 2,400 record stores world wide.  If you would like to purchase the CD and you're not comfortable with online purchasing, check with your favorite local record store.  Chances are pretty good they can order it for you.  If you like, drop us a note on the "Contact Us" page and we will help you find a store in your area.

3/21/2006    Three Days Wait will perform at the "Relay for Life" benefit being held at Genoa Middle School in Westerville, Ohio on 6/24/2006.  Mark your calendars to come and help us support cancer research. For more information about the event go to the Relay for Life page on the American Cancer Society web site.

12/14/2005    Three Days Wait’s song “Snow Blues” makes regular holiday radio play rotation in Columbus, Ohio on QFM 96.3 Ohio's Best Rock.  Help us thank the station by dropping them an email.

11/18/2005    Three Days Wait rocked the house at the 1st annual "Westerville Can Care" benefit in Westerville, OH.  Admission to the event was canned food donations for the Westerville area food pantry and over 300 pounds of food was collected.

11/9/2005    Three Days Wait is proud to announce the release date of 11/18/2005 for their latest full length CD "Star of Bethlehem".  The bands sophomore effort contains a variety of original, high energy and inspiring Christmas and winter-themed songs.