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Snow Day        

Welcome to the web home of
        Three Days Wait           


It has been rumored that if enough people from an individual school all play our song, “Snow Day” at the same time, enough snow could fall to cause a real “snow day.”
This page is dedicated to the joy of getting an unplanned, "

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For our UK friends
For our UK Friends 

Love My Snow Day
Got pictures of you and your friends having fun in the snow?
How about a picture of the worlds most awesome snowman?

We'd love to see them on
Three Days Wait's, "Love My Snow Day" photobucket album.
Your invited to be a part of the Three Days Wait family!
Click on the SNOWFLAKE and post them!


Help us build this page

 Do you have a great story to tell about a "Snow Day" experience or a suggestion for snow day related information to put on this page?

If you do, send it to us on the
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